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Whether you are considering moving or just planning a trip to Beaverton, there is so much to do in this charming town west of Portland. From a cup of coffee in the morning to cocktails in the evening, here are some of our top tips for spending a full day in Beaverston.

In addition to teaching the region's history and culture, the Washington County Museum also has a variety of traveling exhibits, including the Oregon Museum of Natural History and the Beaverton Historical Society. The state's most ethnically diverse city is considered a reflection of Oregon's diversity of population and cultural heritage. You can also visit Cornelius Pass Roadhouse and Imbrie Hall, which are authentic farms that also house breweries and distilleries. Visit the Vertigo Brewery and Taproom to sample a selection of Oregon microbrews or sample it for an authentic craft beer experience. It's not only a great place, but also the Museum of the History, Culture and History of Portland's Craft Brewing, so visit it for a unique perspective on the brewing industry.

The Willow Creek Transit Center is connected to Beaverton by bus 52, which runs to the 185th, and by the blue MAX train, which runs east into downtown Portland. You can also connect to Greyhound, Bolt Bus and Amtrak via the Red Line MAX lines at Willow Creek Transit Center and the Blue Line.

The other end of SR 8 is at the intersection with SR 6, and Northwest Point goes from Astoria via Elsie and US Hwy 26 to Beaverton.

The South Waterfront is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Portland, Oregon, and the second largest city in the state of Oregon. Portland has a large number of restaurants, bars, hotels, shops and restaurants located along the waterfront, along the city's waterfront and downtown.

Activities in Beaverton include shopping at a variety of malls, including Oregon State Fairgrounds, Portland Crossroads Mall and the University of Oregon. Activities in Beaverton include shopping at a variety of shopping centers, including Eugene State Park, Portland Crossing Mall and Portland's South Waterfront. Activities in Beaverston, including retail stores, restaurants, bars, hotels, shops and restaurants in the waterfront and downtown. Excursions Beaversville is home to retail stores, restaurants, cafes and shops in Portland, as well as several shopping centers, including Oregon State Park, Portland Crossing and Southern Oregon University.

If you plan to move to Beaverton, you have plenty of options to explore the restaurants and choose your favorite. Most of us only visit us for a few days to stay and visit, so you can be sure that you will be satisfied with your choice of meals. However, if you have been to Beavertons or are planning a stay, you should know which restaurants are the best in Beavertons, as we can assure you that the city is relatively compact and easy to reach, and offers a wide selection of food and beverages.

There are a number of exceptional restaurants in Beaverton, so you won't feel constrained by this list. There are many more fantastic restaurants and eateries in and around Beavertons, and they are all available in the city.

Start your day in Beaverton in one of the many cafes in the city, and fortunately there is plenty to choose from. Some of my favorite coffee shops in Beaverton are: Bogza's, bamboo coffee, coffee roasters, pecan roasts and many more. There are also some great gardens in Portland, so make sure you take a trip to one or more of them and enjoy live music. On the way home, you can also swing past the Portland Botanic Garden and Oregon State Botanical Garden, or there is a great garden outside Portland.

The Portland Aerial Tram offers great views of Beaverton and the surrounding mountains in the distance when the weather is good.

Taxi fares are about $63 from the airport to the Beaverton Transit Center, including tips in case of need. MAX train of the red line # 18 is a light rail train from downtown Portland to Portland International Airport, about 30 minutes by train.

Tri-Met offers all types of buses to various locations in Beaverton, from the Beaverton Sunset Transit Center, which is also a MAX light rail station. Some buses go to Portland in the morning, but return in the late afternoon and early evening. Tillamook Transportation buses have limited stops and can only be picked up at the Portland Metro.

A section of US Highway 26 in Beaverton is known as Canyon Rd, while another segment between Beavertons and HIllsboro is called Tualatin Valley Hway (TV H Highway). Columbia County Rider 20 goes to Saint Helens and Scappoose, and Canyon Road connects to the Columbia River Trail, which connects it at the USHwy26 exit

Rt 53 (Arctic to Allen) travels to the Beaverton Transit Center or Tillamook Transit 5 at the Beaverson Transit Center. Take the MAX Blue Red Line from Portland International Airport and then the Tri - Met 20 Transfer to Sunset Transit Center to get to Beavertons TransitCenter. Transfer to Tri Met # 20 at the Sunset Transit Centers to take the Blue Line from Portland to Portland and then to Salem.

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More About Beaverton