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Washington County can hold its own when it comes to good, affordable food, but you have to take into account the quality of the food and the location of the restaurants. Below, we've searched through some of the most popular restaurants in Washington County to find the best, cheapest, and most affordable food options in Beaverton, Oregon.

Best Baguette produces its crusts and baguettes at a lower cost than most of its competitors in the region. The region is home to some of the best craft beers and breweries in Washington County, and with more restaurants in the area each day, these outdoor areas are stocked with great beer, wine, craft cocktails, breweries, beer gardens and more.

First, the city is working with restaurants in the city centre to give them the opportunity to dine on the terrace. Currently they have a large courtyard at the back of their car park, but there are plans for the restaurant to serve tapas. I suppose in Spanish, and I'm told it's a mix of beer, wine, cocktails and food, with an emphasis on beer.

I would also highly recommend visiting Pietro's Pizza's Birthday and Anniversary Club. As a birthday gift, you can register the whole family at once and you will receive great offers throughout the year. Follow our daily Instastories to see so many other great options we have ready to deliver today!

Remember: This guide shows restaurants that charge $10 to $12 or less for main courses. Then check out our best-of-breed ranking guide - select, cheapest restaurants in Portland, Oregon.

For vegetable lovers, Babybok Choy ($9) has a tender, crisp texture and is easily - by hand - sucked with a light hand. Mandu soup, $10, may seem "too expensive" for this guide, but it has a rich cake - like stuffing wrapped in a beautifully spiced broth. If you're late, there are plenty of banchan to consider, as well as a host of mostly pickled things to include in your meal to turn a simple bowl of soup or stew into the right feast.

The step here is the grilled chicken ($9.50), which goes down well - on an oversized plate of crispy iceberg lettuce topped with a lemony miso-poppy dressing. Googled for grilled chicken, pickled carrots and yakisoba chips with thin teriyaki beef is a perfect accompaniment to chicken, as well as a few other dishes.

The lemon rice is always fragrant and moist, and the lemons on the rice are always baked. While the buffet is popular, you can also top up your meals at the steam table, as long as the stew does not turn cloudy. I'll return to that buffet table to enjoy the fried vegetable pakora ($9.50) and a few other dishes.

Spring will shine in summer when you bend over the cucumber - fragrant beef and buckwheat noodles. Forget stirring - at least one plate of fried noodles or a shared soup cup, it's hard to do anything wrong. It's a get-out - out - bed - early - for - lunch - when - you - fall - in $7.9, and -drop - back - to - the - office - at - 7-to - 9, lunch when it drops to $6.50.

When it's time to give something back, Pietro is here to support your efforts and help your doubloon to make your case. Whether you're hosting a pizza party or just want to drop by and grab a slice of the cake, he's ready to help you smile and walk the plank. Find the ultimate place for children's parties and organize pizza apartments with friends, family, friends of friends or even your own children.

If the food isn't enough to convince your family to go to Pietro's, get ready for a family pirate adventure - a themed adventure where you can grab a few fish and hoist a sail while it's ready for your next adventure. Remember, you don't have to behave to deliver your order, so call him today and donate!

For a sweet finish, take a look at the impressive dessert bowl filled with delicious chocolate cakes, which cost just $1.99 a slice. The Kalua sandwich is the kind of sandwich you might dream of days later - fried chicken on roasted sesame bun with a sweet and sour sauce.

In addition to some of the best slices available, the Pietro Pizza Party package may include a full-size pizza, a glass of wine and a bottle of champagne. Service is as quick as expected, and a selection of starters (such as the cube-shaped daikon radish with garlic, onions, garlic and ginger) arrive on the table as soon as we take our seats. Although you won't find the dosa (goat dish) as the star of the menu, this buffet offers a rich sauce to refine the sweet - and sour - flavors of chicken, pork, beef and pork chops. And, to be honest, here's a hand - pulled strand of stirring - fried chicken on a bed of sesame seeds, we'd be here for the whole meal.

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