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Oregon's real estate market is hot, and home prices in Portland are traditionally higher than in nearby Beaverton. This is probably due to traffic as there are few major routes to and from Portland, but the gap is narrowing. The outer boroughs of Beavertons still tend to have some of the most affordable housing, and Oregon's housing markets are still hot, despite the recent decline in housing prices.

The city is served by TriMet with first-class transportation and the Nike campus is located northwest of Beaverton as a landmark. The area is also served by the MAX Blue Line light rail system, which carries an average of 55,000 people from downtown Portland to Beavertons and further to Hillsboro on a weekday. Light rail services connect residents to Portland International Airport, which operates more than 500 flights to and from the area daily. Highway 26 provides access to downtown Portland, the University of Oregon campus, Oregon State University campus in Portland and Portland Community College.

Intel has several sites in Beaverton, making it one of the largest employers in Oregon with more than 1,000 employees. Another attraction is the city's high quality of life and its acclaimed school district, with a high-quality public school system and a first-class university system. The residents of Beavertons also enjoy cross-country skiing, hiking, cycling, golfing and other outdoor activities. Beavertons Residences have access to terraces and a variety of amenities including golf courses, restaurants, shopping and entertainment.

For nature lovers, Beaverton is an excellent place to live with over 100 parks, and the number of parks within half a mile of your home is impressive. The parking beds within 800 m of your home are impressive, with more than 1,000 hectares of open space and a variety of paths.

If you have a park within a half mile of your home, Beaverton, Oregon, is a special place to live. It is home to Nike's global headquarters and provides access to the world's largest training center, the Nike Training Center. People love the picturesque view of the Cascade Mountains and the natural beauty of the city. This is one of Oregon's most desirable communities with surrounding communities of parks, restaurants, shops, cafes and restaurants.

The Tualatin Hills Parks and Recreation District serves residents of Washington County with more than 1,000 acres of parks and recreational facilities. In the Beaverton area there is a municipal sports center that houses the Nike Training Center, Nike Global Training Center and a variety of other sports and activities for children.

The Beaverton School District is the third largest in Oregon and serves more than 2,000 students in grades from elementary through 12th grade, providing a public education for the Beavertons. International School at Beaverton High is one of the largest international schools in the United States and the only international school in Washington County, giving it a reputation as a world-class school for international students and teachers.

Beaverton has a household size of 2.3, which is the size of Oregon and the third largest in the United States. It is also about the same size, with 3.2 family units in Beaverton, and one of the largest cities in Washington County, with a median household size of 4.5.

There are a lot of apartments in Beaverton that were built between the 1970s and 1999, but there are also some that were built in 2000 or later. In some parts of the city there are houses built in the early 1990s, and there are some houses in the area built after 1970. Other types of housing that prevail in Beaver Tongue are houses that are converted into apartments, or other small residential buildings.

Beaverton has a long history of properties, most of which date from the 1950s to 2000, and have a proven retirement median year. Compared to Oregon, the data show that Beaverton's recent annual rate of appreciation is 66.36%, above the national average of 55.6% and even above Portland's annual rate of 54.5%. In fact, it has grown 66% to 36% over the past decade, the second-highest annual growth rate in Oregon after Portland, making it one of the 10% that have increased in real estate values nationwide. Other places that moved in 2015 were Portland and Salem, as well as other parts of Oregon, showing the different types of energy sources used in homes and communities.

Beaverton ranks third in the state in the number of renters moving in 2017 or later and has the second highest median price for a home in Oregon. Beaverton homes were on the market for 43 days in 2015, more than double the national average of 23 days. In Portland, they spent 46 days outside the markets, selling 142 homes valued between $322,000 and $1.5 million, the highest average price of any major city in Oregon.

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