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The Oregon Heritage Commission has awarded nearly $60,000 in grants to nine museums across the state for their contributions to Oregon's cultural heritage. They will benefit from grants of $4,500 to $8,000 for individual museums and $10 million for the Oregon State Museum.

If you have a little train lover in you, make sure you stop at the Oregon Rail Heritage Center. The Oregon Heritage Commission, in partnership with the Portland Museum of Art, the University of Oregon, the Oregon State Museum and other museums across the state, offers scholarship programs for museums. For more information about Oregon's cultural heritage and its museum funding program, visit www. or contact Kuri Gill at 503-542-8477 or kuri _ gill @ oregonher

There are also many special events and lectures at the museum, so if you are planning your trip, visit for more information. The Oregon State Museum's Portland Museum of Art collection celebrates 118 years of history. This collection contains many documents and artifacts that were handed over to this museum as artifacts for display in the main museum. The artifacts include the first exhibit of the Portland Art Museum, "The Art of Oregon," and the first exhibition of art history in Portland, Oregon.

For people coming from the East Coast, there are some exhibits that should be seen in the museum, "Greenwood said. The best way to see the vast museum, measuring 112,000 square meters, is through one of the daily guided tours offered by volunteers, curators and educators. She noted that she had been to the Wells Fargo History Museum before, but it seemed a little better than most.

Take a fascinating city walk through Powell's library and take a self-guided tour of some of Portland's most interesting city walks, including a hidden staircase you never knew existed. The museum is tribal owned but also open to the public for free, with free parking and free admission.

Among the objects on display in the museum's collection are objects related to local industry, such as ceramics, glass, wood, metal and glassware. The exhibition touches on the history of Beaverton and its city, as well as the local economy. While the various tribal museums show how the Indians were in Oregon before they came into contact with the Caucasians, how they are today and who they will be in the future, we are trying to change that with this exhibition. This exhibition shows the life of a Beaverton resident through the eyes of his mother, father, grandfather, uncle, brother, sister, aunt, cousin, neighbour, friend and neighbour.

In addition to conveying the region's history and culture, the Washington County Museum also presents traveling exhibitions. The museum also houses the NW Film Center and is hosting the Portland International Film Festival in February.

Twice a year, it also hosts the Great Oregon Steam-Up, which showcases hundreds of antique steam engines and tractors. The Oregon Rail Heritage Foundation is exhibiting these locomotives and is showing an exhibition about the history of the Oregon State Railway and its history in the state of Oregon.

The Museum of Classical Aircraft and Aviation offers air shows and special events and is also a living museum of history. Located in the city center, the museum features exhibits that bring Oregon history to life, and it houses a variety of exhibits, including the Oregon State Museum of Natural History.

It comprises two buildings from numerous eras and contains over 85,000 artifacts. It houses the Oregon State Museum of Natural History and the Rose City Historical Society. The Oregon Historical Museum, the largest museum in the state of Oregon, is the cultural center of Rose City.

The Oregon State Museum of Natural History and the Rose City Historical Society are located in the Portland subway area. The Oregon Historical Museum, the largest natural history museum in the state, is located in Portland, Oregon, just outside the city limits of Portland.

In Portland, a consignment store that does not belong to the Native Americans, the Native Americans produce art, clothing, jewelry and other items.

The Oregon Museum of Natural History in Portland, Oregon, and the Oregon Native American Museum in Beaverton, Oregon, both in the Portland area.

Swimming times also vary by location, so check the pool schedule for the latest information on the Portland Parks and Recreation website. Swimming times vary, and you can search Portland's full calendar for dates and event types. To learn more about what to do in Portland, visit the Oregon Museum of Natural History and the Oregon Native American Museum in Beaverton. Below is a list of all museums and events in the Portland area, as well as links to more information about each museum.

Located in the historic Belmont Firehouse, the museum features a variety of exhibits on the history of the Oregon Territory and its inhabitants. On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Oregon's entry into the United States, this museum in downtown Portland traces the history of the state from prehistory to modern times. Learn about the pioneers and what they did before they arrived, as well as their experiences during their time in Oregon. The Museum of Oregon Territory explores the Native Americans who lived in and around Oregon and the settlers who came after them.

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More About Beaverton