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On August 31, Central Oregon Community College will offer a limited - one-day, free performance of Oregon Laser. Ore. Laser focuses on its mission: "Young Audiences of Oregon and Southwest Washington work with partners and teach artists to create a range of short-form art experiences as a resource for students, families and educators. To continue to serve Oregon Online, Oregon's arts and cultural organizations have been working to cancel performances, events and activities through the end of the month in response to the tragic events in Portland and Portland, Oregon, last week.

The city has launched a diversity summit and also launched the Beaverton International Celebration. Last year, APANO entered into a newly formed partnership with the Oregon Department of Public Health and Human Services (ODPH). This organisation and government agency, including the CCC, allows us to conscientiously build trust, work with and identify with our community. We know that this is an important step in the right direction for our city and for the future of the city as a whole.

I have seen Main Street come together, and almost every issue of social justice has occurred in the community we have worked with. There's a lot of engagement and consultation among the people of Washington County, Beaverton and across Oregon.

We are located just 7 miles west of Portland and offer access to the vibrancy of a larger city. As you can see on the map, West Slope is surrounded by Portland, but it feels more like the West Hills of Portland where it is located. It's a little bag that's on 26, Highway 8 and 87, and it's about where we are. Beware of locals scratching their heads at the fact that Beaverton's city map is inexplicably oddly shaped, with several inner cities completely encircled by "Beaverton."

Oregon is extremely diverse, and there are certain subcultures throughout the state. The state, especially Portland, Eugene and Bend, is filled with a variety of cultures, from hip-hop, punk, rock'n "roll, indie rock and more. This has helped fill our state and especially our downtown and the rest of Oregon.

Ball said the city has begun discussing a possible shareholder committee to look at how to diversify its staff. The city is also sending job ads to several organizations that cater to different ethnic groups, including the University of Oregon, Oregon State University and the Oregon Health Authority, LaMarche said. According to the university's website, job seekers in the Portland area can look for opportunities through the Office of Diversity and Inclusion and the City of Portland's Diversity and Inclusion Program. It is one of the largest employers in the field and is home to a number of universities, colleges and universities in Oregon and Washington State.

If you are looking for a place in Oregon to call home, this list will help you find it. If you don't live in Beaverton or Portland and want to see how your city is doing, try our Cities Compare tool. You can ask us to provide you with a list of vacancies in Washington County and other parts of the state. We would love you to learn more about your interests first and then find the best way to get started on your work in Washington County.

The Portland Bentham Lions Club was founded over 50 years ago by Sam Naito of Made in Oregon and his wife Nancy.

We celebrate Hillsboro's cultural diversity by sharing the traditions and food of the Latinx community. We are located right in the historic center of Beaverton, Oregon, walking or cycling through the surrounding quiet neighborhood streets, walking to shops, cafes and restaurants, and connecting to the parks and fountains where children can run around in the summer. Located on the campus of Oregon State University and the University of Oregon College of Arts and Sciences, the park features a magnificent outdoor amphitheater with beautiful views of downtown Portland.

The West Beaverton Neighborhood is very communal - open-minded and has many paths and parks, and we see people walking everywhere on paths, sidewalks and streets. We are located near Sexton Mountain Canyon Rd and have many walking parks that can be seen from both our parking lot and the park as people cross the street, from paths to sidewalks. Central Beavertons is truly a business district that includes a variety of shops, cafes, restaurants, shops and shops in the city center.

Cooper Mountain is the southernmost neighborhood in Beaverton, Oregon, and there are many neighborhoods that are considered part of Beaverton. One of the biggest differences is that Portland's West Hills are usually home to Bridlemile schools, where the West Slope is predominantly home to beaver schools. The schools here are ok but not very highly rated, which is a bit strange because we are so close to Portland. We are south of Cooper Mountain in the Tigard area, so we are not very good on foot.

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